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Nicki Zvik is the Co-Founder for both Spectrum Properties LLC and Green Solar Technologies.

Nicki Zvik is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur who specializes in real estate investments and renewable energy. Both the real estate and renewable energy industries are passions of Zvik, and he believes that having this passion behind his work has allowed him to not only be successful but thrive in both arenas.

“It’s about changing people’s lives,” says Zvik, “When you believe in what you do and feel as though it’s making a positive impact, that’s when the real success comes.”

Nicki Zvik & Spectrum Properties

Nicki Zvik is the Co-Founder of Spectrum Properties, a real estate investment company located in Los Angeles, CA specializing in additional dwelling units (ADUs) also known as “granny flats” or “backyard homes.” The company was founded in 2018 after Governor Brown of California approved the conversion of secondary dwellings into ADUs.

Nicki Zvik took advantage of the new rules and regulations in Los Angeles and began acquiring homes with detached garages and converted the garages into guest houses.

Zvik began developing his entrepreneurial skills in 2005 when he founded is is first construction company, and he has since founded two companies, one being Green Solar Technologies, a solar installation company headquartered in Southern California. Green Solar Technologies, or GST for short, grew rapidly and currently installs hundreds of solar panel systems every year. And today, Zvik is also in charge of investments and acquisitions for Spectrum Properties LLC.

Nicki Zvik’s immigrant story is typical of many. He came from humble beginnings, and his first jobs in the U.S. were first as a furniture mover in New York City followed by a position as a store clerk in a tuxedo shop in Dallas. His leadership and natural managerial skills allowed him to move up quickly in both positions, but he soon realized he wasn’t satisfied.

Zvik states, “I was really grateful to learn so much about business at these two jobs, but it became obvious to me that if I wanted to create something special, working for another person would always limit my potential. I felt that I could do more and make a bigger impact by starting something myself, so I took a risk by leaving my comfortable position and made the move to Los Angeles where I had friends who had started developing companies in the real estate industry. I’m proud to say that I can now really contribute a difference in others’ lives in the businesses of solar energy and additional dwelling units.”

Additional dwelling units are an excellent tool to earn extra cash by renting out the space to vacationers or people in need of a long-term living space. Many people are tired of emptying their wallets to mismanaged apartment complexes with little to offer, so they look for alternative options. ADUs provide a comfortable, private, and often less-expensive living space to renters but at the same time provide lucrative benefits to the homeowner.

Additional dwelling units are also perfect for families who are housing recent college graduates who want their own space to live but don’t necessarily want to pay hefty rent fees for an apartment. In fact, many statistics indicate a rise in the number of people living with their parents through their 20s. For this common circumstance, additional dwelling units offer privacy to both the parents and their child.


Beyond the general benefits of additional dwelling units, Spectrum Properties is going the extra mile. Spectrum Properties and Green Solar Technologies have partnered to install solar panel systems on all homes that convert part of their space into an ADU. Zvik and Yavor acknowledge the need to leave traditional fossil fuels in the past and make the switch to solar energy which contributes to a greener and cleaner environment.

By installing solar on homes with ADUs, not only is the solar energy used to power the primary home, but it also offsets any additional electricity that would be used to power the ADU. Moreover, the addition of a solar energy system to any home can drastically reduce the homeowners electricity bill, often generating upwards of $20k in savings during the lifespan of the system. Beyond this, solar energy systems and ADUs are known separately to add substantial value to homes, so you can imagine that when a home includes both, the value of the property should increase even more drastically.

The benefits of building an ADU with Spectrum Properties seem to be endless (and they are). Contact Spectrum Properties today or visit to learn more about how you can build your dream ADU!